Neuroscience Early Stage Scientist Training Program

University of Chicago Neuroscience Early Stage Scientist Training Program (NESSTP)

The Neuroscience Early Stage Scientist Training Program (NESSTP) is funded by a unique R25 training grant that is designed to increase diversity across a broad spectrum of the neuroscience academic community and thus provides support for undergraduates, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and those transitioning into faculty positions.  The Program is specifically aimed at fostering the development of neuroscience researchers from diverse backgrounds and, in particular, individuals from groups that historically have been under-represented in the community.

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NESSTP Program Goals

The long-term goal of the Neuroscience Early Stage Scientist Training Program (NESSTP) is to diversify the Neuroscience research workforce. The NESSTP provides exposure to research and training experiences in Neuroscience for undergraduate students from under-represented groups; career and professional development opportunities for underrepresented undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellows engaged in Neuroscience; and cross-level mentoring at each training stage.


The application for the NESSTP Summer research program is now available on Handshake!  Please see the Independent Research tab on our website and the Handshake application for more information.  The deadline to apply is April 9.

For more information about NESSTP professional development and travel award opportunities please see our Mentoring and Funding Opportunity pages. Information about undergraduate summer research opportunities is found on the Independent Research page.